Coupon Codes

Buttafly Jonez

Coupon Codes

Here a some coupon codes! Check this link frequently as they will change from time to time. Just remember the code, or copy and paste (make sure there are no spaces before or after the code and use all caps. Be sure to click the (+) to add the code). The site only allows one coupon code per transaction. Multiple orders are welcomed. As long as the address is the same, they will get shipped to the same address together. The transaction will automatically impose a shipping fee. That fee WILL be reimbursed if it adds up to more than $7. 

Buy 3 Get 1 FREE Buttafly's Roll-On Perfume. Put 4 Roll On Perfumes in your cart and save $12 (Get 1 FREE) Use code SMELLYUM

Free shipping for all orders over $100 pre shipping. Use Code BALLER at checkout. When spending $100 or more.

Use code LIPPEE to receive a free Lip Stickz Lip butter with any size order. Add the Lip Stickz to your cart and save $3!

In-Store only!! Come to The Artisan Collective and receive a FREE Bath BOOOM when you check in on Facebook and/or Yelp! I'm not a mind reader, so let me know you're doing it!

Get a FREE surprise gift with purchases over $60. Use code GIMME at checkout. 

Forget something? Please email to make sure we know you're adding on.  A special code to waive shipping will be given to you if your order has not shipped yet.

Would you like to order online and pick it up instead of paying for shipping? Use code: PICKUP This code will remove the shipping fee. Items MUST be picked up. This will save you up to $7. If you'd like to take advantage of the coupon codes, pay for shipping then it will be reimbursed upon pickup (delivery if I'm in route). call or text (818) 421-3091 for arrangements.