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Masculine and Unisex Dred Jewelz
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These Dred Jewelz are made with male friendly styles in mind. A lot of men were asking for Masculine Dred they are.


Black, Amber, and Brown beads with a White Cowery Shell and Black Flexi Wire.



Gold Shield with animal print and cream wooden beads.



Silver disk with tribal signs on it and black and earth colored beads.



Small Dominos with Tiger Eye and shell beads. Sorry, I can not accomidate number requests.
$10 each

Mud Cloth

Mud cloth bead with brown and cream bone and Tiger Eye beads.



Sky and cloud colored beads with tan accent.



Beads found on a Tahitian Island. Blue coral and White bone.



Ankhs with Ancient Scribes on it. Accented by brown and cream bone beads. Choose between silver and gold.



Cleopatra in Tibetian Silver with Tiger Eye and blue/tan accent beads.


Hapi Man


Black Cowery


Bronze Tut


African Dynasty

African Mask

A small solid brass African Mask with seeds at the top for decoration.


This Dred Jewel is inspired by the different hues in the lands of Africa as well as the metals and animals found on this beautiful continent. This Dred Jewel is $8.50


Cowery Shellz

Cowery Shells with either brown, tan, or cream colored beads. Buy one color or all three. Made with Blzck wire. Light in weight.
1 for $7 or 3 for $18

Color Beads/amount

Small in length loc coil in the color of Gunsmoke with a large Ankh $10


Jesus Lives

This is the best charm that i've ever seen with regards to Jesus' description. This charm has ethnic features as well as Jesus' hair in locs. (or so it appears) paired with wooden disks which looks like His crown of thorns.

Color Jesus

with Tiger eye and white shell Beads and a gold or silver ankh.
All sizes

Rastafarian colors attached to a Lion representing Judah. Choose from Gold or Silver Lions.

Color charm

Lion of Judah
Choose from a Gold and Silver colored tooth straight from the Lion of Judah.
$12 each


Eye of Horus
Light weight pieces. Used with Tiger eye and Aventurine stones. Choose from gold and silver.

This eye remains open to see everything! lol! Whether it be your third eye, two eyes, or 4 eyes.. Accented with Tiger eye (brown) Aventurine (green) and Lapis (blue) to represent eye colors.


Silver King Tut bust with natural african inspired beads.


Music Man

This is a tribal design, however,it's so cute. It appears as if the man (or woman) has short locs. very cute. Get it in gold or silver.

Color Music Man


This Dred Jewel represents tribes of all kinds in Africa. Choose between Silver and Gold toned masks that are accented with brass loose leaves $10

Color Mask

Ankh and Tiger eye


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