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Thank You for shopping at www.buttaflyjonez.com

Please allow 2-4 days to process depending on sales or Sabbath Days/Holidays. After that, please allow USPS 2-3 days to deliver your order. A shipping confirmation/tracking number will be given upon request to buttaflyjonez@yahoo.com after considering the time frames. Products may come from different address as there are different artists on this site.

Return Policy. All returns will be done through www.paypal.com where the transaction occurred minus shipping and handling costs and transaction fee or Stripe credit card services.

Shipping for all Earrings, Dred Jewelz, perfumes, and Hair Adornments, are $3 Flat Rate. All Products are a flat rate of $6 no matter the order size in the U.S. If you combine accessories with products it's $6 no matter how much you buy.

If you are Picking up an order, use the discount code PICKUP to remove shipping from the total. The items MUST be picked up in Canyon Country, CA after an arranged time for items provided by Buttafly Jonez (818) 421-3091 or Port Hueneme, CA for items provided by Debra Harbour (805) 984-2841. Watch out for FREE SHIPPING events.

Buttafly Jonez is NOT responsible for packages NOT sent or correctly delivered by USPS. Buttafly Jonez will send a delivery confirmation number upon request. Each Delivery Confirmation and package  includes a $50 insurance coverage provided by the purchase of shipping through USPS (if sent Priority). If it was proven that USPS did not deliver the package at the correct address or the package was damaged, they will give you $50. Buttafly Jonez will no longer replace packages incorrectly delivered by USPS. If it was found to be the fault of Buttafly Jonez, there will definitely be a replacement package sent immediately.

All returns must be sent back to www.buttaflyjonez.com upon discussion of the problems with the product with the company. All unused portions returned and postage paid by purchaser.

Buttafly Jonez Co. is NOT responsible for any allergic reactions. Please READ ingrediants and Please test on a small portion of your skin before applying all over. All ingredients are listed on the site for your protection. Buttafly Jonez Co. uses only all natural ingredients. Fragrances are a blend of synthetic fragrance oils and essential oil. Synthetic oils are cosmetic grade. All fragrances are Paraben Free, Preservative Free, refined, Phalate Free (Hormone) Butters include NO mineral oil, petroleum oil, or genetically engineered plant products. Most products on the site are VEGAN with the exception of Lip Butters (Beeswax). Products are 99.5% natural and use cosmetic grade fragrances as well as natural essential oils.

Buttafly Jonez is not responsible for fragrances that are not "liked".
Buttafly Jonez products that contain butters and oils that WILL melt in extreme heat. DO NOT leave products in cars as it grows to over 100 degrees inside even in mild weather. All Buttafly Jonez Co. products should be kept at room temperature between 60 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Please mind the shipping date and mailing address provided by Buttafly Jonez Co. to assure a stable product.

The above statements are solely the opinion and research of Buttafly Jonez Co. and have not been not FDA assessed or approved.

It is suggested that all products are used within 6 months to a year after purchase to maintain freshness as Buttafly Jonez Co. uses only fresh ingredients and no preservatives. Keep all products between 60 and 70 (room temperature) for preservation of the ingredients. You may always refridgerate your products to keep them longer (great idea if items are bought in bulk). They do not have to STAY in the fridge.. just until you're ready to use them.

Dred Jewelz: Dred Jewelz or any other pieces of jewelry on the site do not use real silver and Gold unless specified. The word "tone" is used to indicate that the wire and beads used are "toned" and may tarnish or rust with prolonged usage and water/product application. Buttafly Jonez is not responsible for breakage of jewelry with prolonged usage. Dred Jewelz last approximately 1 year without removal however may tarnish. continuous removal and reapplication will weaken the product.
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