Buttafly Jonez

Buttafly's Ashy Feet Butter (Special)


Image of Buttafly's Ashy Feet Butter (Special)
By popular demand.. Ashy Feet butter is back. Your feet are ashy, dry, cracked, scratchy, achy? Well baby, this right here is for you. Rub deep, make sure you get in between those toes. What makes this butter different than the Hair and Body Butter? Glad you asked. My ashy feet butter is made with coco butter.. (not Shea and mango like hair and body).. it's a bit of a dryer butter and penetrates a little easier. The Ashy Feet Butter also has a dry MCT oil added and cooooool menthol (distilled peppermint oil) and smells like candy cane. Comes in a 4 oz jar, only 6 jars available.