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Buttafly's Lip and Face Product Line

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Buttafly's Cute lil Face Wash made from an essential oil blend mixed in natural castile Soap. Choose from Acne Fighting and Gentle. (Dry Skin please get Gentle formula, leave a note for dry skin kits)

Buttafly's Cute lil Face Scrub made from natural exfoliate and essential oils and cleanser. Choose from Dry Skin with added oils, Acne Fighting and Gentle.

Buttafly's Cute lil Face Cream. Moisturizes and is great for day and night use. Natural and aloe based. Great for all skin types from oily to dry. Includes pomeagranate Apple, seaweed, and algae extracts.

Buttafly's Baby Face Mineral Mask (formerly hydra mineral) is back!! Tingles as is tightens those pores and moisturizes your skin. Please don't use if you have reactive or sensitive skin. Made with love and includes: zinc, copper, magnesium, collodial oatmeal, and kaolin clay. Ask for double face cream if your skin is sensitive.

Buttafly Kisses Lip Stickz made with natural ingredients. soothing and protecting.. very long lasting.

Cute lil Face kit includes: 8oz Wash, 8oz Scrub, 2oz Moisturizer, 2 oz Baby Face Mineral Mask and .15 Lip Stickz, . Choose your formula. Please leave a note for which flavor of Lip Stickz you want and leave it in the note section at check out. If nothings is noted, I will select a flavor 😙 Save $4 with the kit!
You may opt to receive a double face cream (instead of mask) or a double mask (instead of cream). Just leave a note at checkout!