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Buttafly's Hair and Body Butter

Image of Buttafly's Hair and Body Butter

8 oz jar. For people with chronically dry skin, or for those who want to GLOW. i had chronically dry skin, but now, I just want to glow.. so I wear my Hair and Body Butter daily. Buttafly's Hair and Body Butter is a pure, all natural mix of shea, Mango Seed and coconut butters. Buttafly's Hair and Body Butter is rich and thick and heals dry, chapped skin. It is great for preventing stretch marks and aids in healing already stretched skin. Use this only if you want to glow. It leaves a nice oil sheen on your body and hair. Buttafly's Hair and Body butter is great for hair of all types! Keep out of extreme heat. If this product melts in delivery, you can get a hand mixer and beat it like it stole something until it fluffs again.

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