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Cafe Avec Cream (special)


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I (Buttafly) am addicted to coffee. Sorry (not sorry). I have been since before that major Seattle based coffee chain came about. I decided to fuse together my love for Coffee and cream with my love for bath and body. Cafe avec (with) Cream Body Scrub (8 oz) is a cream soap based coffee scrub that is made with real Butter Toffee flavored coffee grown in a small village in couldashouldawoulda (j/k) lol. The benefits are huge as caffeine assists with circulation and will temporarily assist with reducing the appearance of cellulite when used on a consistent basis. This scrub may also assist with inflammation. I made sure to included Crunk juice, anti-stink, feel good, and of course love. comes with an 8 oz Whipz scented in a special Caramel Macchiatto fragrance and an 8 oz jar of Soap based Body Scrub PACKED with coffee, and salt exfoliant. Only 3 sets remain!