Buttafly Jonez


Buttafly's "Whipz" Moisturizing Body Cream

Image of Buttafly's "Whipz" Moisturizing Body Cream

So, you're a little ashy, a little dry and your skin is snatched up. At any time of the day, Whipz is the solution. Take a little container and put some in your purse or pocket. Some may even use Whipz in their hair. Whipz aids in daily hair and skin maintenance for grooming and moisture. A rich thick Icing like whipped cream, that's a perfect blend of rich butters, nutritious oils, and aloe. When you put it on your skin, it's like applying icing to a cake. Silky, smooth, and feels great. Non greasy! 8 oz Jar. Please let me know, in the note section at checkout, if you'd like glitter or gold mica mixed in yourWhipz.