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16 8oz Jars of Whipz. No discount codes will be honored with wholesale orders. If a code is used, a bill will be sent with the balance before they're shipped off.

For people with chronically dry skin, or for those who want to GLOW. i had chronically dry skin, but now, I just want to glow.. so I wear my Hair and Body So, you're a little ashy, a little dry and your skin is snatched up. At any time of the day, Whipz is the solution. Take a little container and put some in your purse or pocket. A rich thick Icing like whipped cream, that's a perfect blend of rich butters, nutritious oils, and aloe. When you put it on your skin, it's like applying icing to a cake. Silky, smooth, and feels great. Non greasy!

We have fragrances available for Men, Women and Children.
Please click here for the LIST of FRAGRANCES for more options at our store and fragrance descriptions! Leave a note at Checkout for fragrance and color.