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Buttafly's Goodie Basket (Updated 11/14/19)

Image of Buttafly's Goodie Basket (Updated 11/14/19)
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This is a place where you can buy "1 left" products, products with fragrances that have been discontinued, fresh products with discontinued sizes (i probably made too much) , maybe a jar of product that's slightly under filled, akward bath globes, Grab Bags and more. Usually just 1 or 2 of each item unless stated. Most items are discounted to sell... Some are regular price.

Suga Cubez- Juicy chubby chunks of sugary soap! They can be held in your hand to exfoliate a tough area.. or they can be smashed in your hand and used to wash and exfoliate your body! Great for travel. Grab several for a guest bedroom or for your own foot care. Keep dry until you use them!